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Our Photo Album has been updated with pictures Given to us and placed on the site with kind permission of Richard Fraser son of Private W J (Jack) Fraser - Lovat Scouts 1940 - 43

01 November 2008 

These words were used by both FM Montgomery and FM Alexander when making reports about two very specialist Regiments of the British army, that are now virtually unheard of today having been overlooked by more well known Regiments and Divisions in the allied armies of WW2.




when war was declared in September 1939, Britain and her allies faced one of the most formidable armies ever seen at that time, Britain and her allies mobilised their "Citizen Army" , from these Citizen soldiers, several specialist Regiments were formed most are well known Paratroopers, Commando and the SAS.

Some other Special Regiments are unheard of or are not as well known as others are today, our aim is to change this and let others know that the War was not just one by the Allied Airborne units, Armoured and the "PBI" (Poor Bloody Infantry), also by lesser known Regiments that made a difference to the outcome of  WW2 , also that WW2 was fought all over Europe,not just NW Europe,

All of these Regiments played there part in WW2 but they were very special regiments in their own fields. 


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